The Way We Gather

This shoot was birthed for a number of reasons, first and foremost bc this is my family and my crew and this is what we do. It’s part of our practice to get together and eat delicious vegan food, drink tea, be creative, ceremonially gather,  connect to nature, drink cacao, play music, drink yummy champagne, dance and laugh like crazy. We wanted to document how we play amongst the plants and make everything really beautiful while doing so.
Everyone, (pun intended) brought something to the table. Sharon Aluma of @thelocalyogi, brought her handmade ceremonial mugs and freshly brewed fair trade cacao with magic inside, Maggie Russell of @Friesoverguys brought her homemade cake and made fairy toast, Charlotte Grotell @cgrotell worked for days on her cosmic cookies hand cut painted to represent symbols that espiritutara works with, Rebecca Parravinci @rebisreve brought gorgeous Italian pastries, I made hibiscus and rose teas, and took a quick trip over to L’artisane, a new vegan bakery on Miami Beach that we were all dying to try and bought an assortment of pastries (Max ate 3 croissants....but the piece de resistance of the bakery are the cinnamon buns..... BEST I'VE EVER HAD) and last but definitely not least Jack brought out champagne and a special new toy for max so that everyone was happy. 
Although this was a goddess gathering, I have to acknowledge the 3 magical males there. David Bley, our photographer, flowed through the afternoon with us allowing us to be fully in our essence without making us feel like we were being photographed. Jack was djing and making sure our bubbles flowed, and Max Aero full of energy activation (who tried all afternoon to steal David’s camera so that he could be the photographer) hung beside me and participated in all the festivities. (Including getting in on the soundbowls and Sharon’s Chirango.... a tiny guitar like instrument which makes the sweetest sounds).
Back to the goddess part, something I’m reconnecting to more now than ever.... that I lost a little bit when I got married and then became a boy mom. There is something absolutely healing and activating when women gather intentionally. It could mean a girls dinner or a girls night. It doesn’t have to be new age-ey like my friends and I do- but truly that’s who we are. However, the intention has to be clear... this is about healing and growing together. This is intentionally gathering to connect to our best selves and have fun and be happy or be supportive if someone needs it. By sharing and connecting we can normalize something we internalize and realize we are not the only one feeling one way or experiencing something.
Then once you are free of these blocks, we can dance freely and dream freely and play freely and things unfold, music writes its self and dance medicine (my favorite kind of medicine) happens.
Tara BenmelehComment