February is for SELF LOVE.

Whether or not you are in a relationship or not, you must fill your own cup first.

One way we like to do this here at HQ is serving ourselves mood elevating and HEART OPENING drinking cacao. Casually we serve it in lieu of coffee but we also love a good cacao ceremony with ecstatic dancing.

We love when our friends Luis and Claudia (founders of Moondance) hand make a super elevated ceremonial cacao.

We also love to make a blend of:

8oz of water + 1 tablespoon Sun Potion Ananadamide

self love warrior

Be a warrior of love and nurture yourself. Buy this for yourself or someone that needs a reminder.

simple heart loving ritual:

Sit in a comfortable seated position, place both hands over your heart, close your eyes, breathe for 3 minutes. (we use our phone’s timer) Feel yourself give self love the entire time. You may do this silent or with your favorite gentle song.

repeat every day

Tara BenmelehComment