Now that the spring showers have passed (if you know what i mean…. energy has been INTENSE), the sun is finally shining…. WE ARE WELL INTO SUMMER! All that turbulent energy is clearing a path for us to see clearly. Hold tight, the shadows are appearing so we can observe them, then release them. The intense energy is turning us upside down to uncover the dust swept under the rug for it to go away once and for all.


Ritual: connect to your inner light.

Using the sun as a guide, find time to connect to your inner light. If you cannot find your inner light on your own, step outside and receive light into every cell of your body from the sun. Once you have tapped into this light, remember your purpose here on earth is to share the light. Ask yourself how you can serve your light. (In my personal journey, I have found that I can serve my light through tea.)

Tara BenmelehComment