After a month of deep self love, it’s time to connect outside yourself and share all the glorious good vibes manifested within. The first ritual we recommend is laying down on the earth outside and imagine yourself being held by mother nature. Breathe in her love, breathe out all that doesn’t serve you and ask her to take it. You can do this with your eyes open, observing her beauty around you or while going within and just feeling her. Try to do this minimum once a week, bathing in her beauty.


We are excited to announce our new piece “MOON CONNECTION” this could be shared with a lover, best friend, moon sister and is gender neutral. The piece (which is actually 2 charms in one), is inspired by a childhood favorite, “best friend charm” that splits in half to be shared by two people who connect fully when together. Instead of a broken heart, we used a circle that together, are complete and separate are moon phases representing weaning and waxing, connected to the moon and each other.


Sit comfortably facing your partner, can also be a friend but the goal is to connect. Stare into each other’s left eye, not losing the gaze and synchronize your breath. Breathe in deeply through your nose and deeply release through your mouth. Continue this cycle for 5 minutes minimum. Remembering not only are you connecting to your partner, but also they are functioning as a mirror to you. Pay close attention to the signs or messages that come up in your mind during this silent meditation. Alternatively, this eye and breath connection can also be done while lovemaking.


Our soul sister, Adrienne Fisher of Meraki Nomad, has hand crafted a super connecting oil made of sweet feminine sister plants that deeply relax the body and muscles, ease tension, soothe and restore, heal wounds and deeply nourish and moisturize. We use this oil after bathing or as a light perfume before leaving the house, or even nourishing the tips of our hair. It’s something you can gift yourself or share with a sister friend as a gift.

Tara BenmelehComment