Greetings Tribe,

Summer always brings so much growth. With growth comes moments where you really need to communicate either with relationships or yourself. The third eye serves as a tool to communicate with ourselves.

Espiritútara is based out of Miami, and September is our hottest month. To battle the heat, we like to keep our rose water spray bottles in the fridge and spritz our face and neck to revive from the heat. Roses vibrate at the highest frequency of all the flowers. Using the vibration of the rose, and the refreshing energy of it being chilled, we are able to tap into our center without being flushed, to find a place in ourselves to truly see.


Recently, my family spent some time with friends in Blackberry Mountain.The second morning there my son slept in until after 11 am, my husband went bouldering which gave me time to myself. I had a tea ceremony on the balcony facing the wildflowers and the smokey mountains, keeping eyes closed was difficult with all the surrounding natural beauty. Each sip of tea allowed me to go within, focusing on my third eye. Even after a travel day and a new location, I was able to ground into myself and the place. The beautiful thing about meditating with tea is that it’s an easy way into a meditation and I bring it all over the world with me. Tea connects me back to home, while communing with a beautiful plant.

Our THIRD EYE SNAKE RING represents creative life force, rebirth, and healing. This piece serves as a reminder that we always have our third eye to connect to for inner knowing. The snake sees reality through unblinking eyes.

Third eye communication with self ritual

This ritual is for tapping into your inner vision

sit comfortably on the floor

play Florence and the Machine - Third Eye

place your hands softly in your lap

close your eyes

for a few seconds focus closely on your breath moving slowly in and out of your nose.

switch focus to the point between your brows

allow yourself to feel and communicate with yourself

let the song be your timer (if you prefer to sit in silence you can set a 4-5 min timer)

slowly open your eyes

Never forget that your most important healer to go to is yourself. Inside, you have all the power, all the visions, all the dreams, all the truth and the direction you need to go in. All you have to do is keep showing up for yourself, find your place of center and find your inner knowing. If you ever need guidance, I am here for you. My offerings to hold space for you are here.

Love, Mama Tea

Tara BenmelehComment